Our API is currently structured around the following primitives. Understanding the relationships between these primitives will be helpful as you onboard to the API:

  • Providers: Providers are the highest level API Primitive. A Provider represents either cloud infrastructure provider or a cloud service provider. Some examples of Providers include AWS, GCP or Azure. Providers offer many Services, which is documented below.
  • Services: Services are what Providers offer to their customers. A Service is always tied to a Provider. Some examples of Services are EC2 or S3 from a Provider of AWS. A Service has one or more Products offered, which is documented below.
  • Products: Products are what Services ultimately price on. Using the example of a Provider of 'AWS' and a Service of 'EC2', Products would be the individual EC2 Instance Types available such as 'm5d.16xlarge' or 'c5.xlarge'. A Product has one or more Prices, which is documented below.
  • Prices: A Product has one or more Prices available to it. For example with EC2 instance types, a single instance type may have potential prices including an on-demand price, a spot price or a reserved instance price.